Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Has My English Class changed Me?

  I can remember being in high school and socializing with practically everyone. I had a lot of friends and between them all there was hardly a dull moment. I was very outspoken and never shy, until it came to my writing. I was very good in English but when It came to having to write about something and share it with the class I would become so anxious that I would usually play sick and stay home. Back then we didn't really do any research outside of the school library and I felt like my writing skills were weak. Also, I guess I felt that no one else would really relate or care to hear what I had to say anyway.

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   I have really shocked myself at just how much I have been able to open up with my peers here at JSU, particularly in my English class. Before this class "BLOG" was not in my vocabulary. I didn't really read blogs and I certainly never saw myself writing any. I guess I still didn't really see the point. I didn't think anyone would read them and, to tell you the truth, didn't really want anyone to read them. I was scared. Now here I am writing a blog post every other week and I find myself looking forward to them and now hoping that someone is reading them. One of my favorite posts of mine is" Is College Good Enough" where I shared a little bit of my life's experiences and what urged me to come to college. Looking back at some of my older posts I see that in this one I am a lot less reserved and more open about myself. My other favorite post is" Why Did I Choose College? " where I opened up even a little more about who I am and what it important to me.


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  In the post" Share Or Die: But How Much Are We Willing To Share" I changed it up a bit. Instead of writing about me and my experiences I wrote about someone else's experience and how I felt about it. In this one I thought I did a nice job of keeping it interesting from the title, to the imagery, and also in my writing.
   I find myself enjoying to write now,  for the first time in my life. I am also enjoying reading my peers' posts. My least favorite class in high school has become my favorite class in college. I feel that I have really grown as a writer this semester and I plan to continue with my blog posts.

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